NIO is a global smart electric vehicle brand, established in November 2014, dedicated to creating a pleasant lifestyle for users by providing high-performance smart electric vehicles and the ultimate user experience.

    We encourage cyber security technical experts (such as technical researchers, white hat security experts, security labs, etc.) to conduct penetration testing in good faith, and actively make efforts and contributions to improve our information security and product security. You must not damage the information security, privacy and personal safety of others during the test.

    We hope that you will submit a vulnerability as soon as you find it. We attach great importance to the close cooperation with network security technical experts, and will process your vulnerability report as soon as possible, verify the recurrence, and reward valid vulnerabilities.

    Thank you for your attention and support to NIO SRC, please contact for related Q&A support.
    Hi Researcher

    If you have identified a valid vulnerability related to NIO's connected vehicles, app or services, you may send the report to Bugbank using for further assessment.

    We would ask you to indicate your contact information, such as moblie phone number, wechat number, so that Bugbank (or NIO) can contact you regarding your report.

    By sending in a report to Bugbank you agree with Bugbank's terms and conditions. Bugbank will handle your data in accordance with their Privacy Policy.